Java Calendar Component v2.1

|  1. Description
|  2. Customization
|  3. Limitations
|  4. Installation
|  5. Payment & contact

== 1. Description ==

This package contains a java calendar swing component which is 
very simple to integrate, customize and enhance. 

== 2. Customization ==

 - create skin or choose from predefined set
 - display either dialog or combo box (date selection edit/button) 
 - a skin contains:
   + settings for day cell: text color, background, font
   + settings for selected day cell: text color, fill color, font
   + settings for weekend days: text color, font
   + settings for extra month days: text color, font
   + grid color
 - create custom renderer provider for day cell or select from predefined set (rectangle, 
   round rectangle and oval). using a renderer you can customize:
   + the appearance of the days in the current month
   + the appearance of today date
   + the appearance of weekend days
   + the appearance of days belonging to previous and next month
   + the appearance of certain days belonging to some years, months, weeks.
 - select the first day of the week
 - set length of days names (ex: M, Mo, Mon etc)
 - set length of months names (ex. Dec, Decem, December)
 - hover effect support
 - show/hide week support
See howto.html for sample code snippets or 

API documentation for the library

== 3. Limitations ==

Features we are working on an which will be available in the next releases:
- disabled dates
- multiple selection dates
These and other features will be soon available. 

== 4. Installation ==

Place the file javacalendar.jar in the classpath of your project.

== 5. Payment & contact info ==

Component price is 30$/developer licence and 100$/site licence.

For other questions and requests, please feel free to contact:

Gigel Chiazna